Troubleshooting Tips


Is your Air Conditioner system has stopped working?

Many times it does not become significant to give a call to a licensed HVAC professional, as there are some general tips that make you well understand your device functionality so that it does not undergo any minor troubles especially when you are not able to locate any heating & cooling systems repair contractor nearby your locality.

At Reliable Home Comfort our technicians who have years of experience in the HVAC industry can guide you with several do it yourself troubleshooting tips that can help in diagnosing your AC device problems.

  • Check for the improper AC wiring - Sometimes faulty wiring often prevents the system from getting power & it does not operate efficiently. Be sure to check for the proper wiring connection.
  • Be sure to clean the fins as they might get clogged because of the accumulation of dirt & debris. If not cleaned, they can push warm air inside your room.
  • The device can become noisy if the Air Conditioner cooling coils get clogged by dirt. So be sure to clean the coils using a quality coil cleaner.
  • Check & fix the leaking AC refrigerants (the cooling medium) this can help to improve the airflow.
  • Once in a year be sure to check the coolant or Freon level (i.e. an Environmental Protection Agency controlled substance level). Freon can slowly escape from the outside unit over time so its servicing is important.
  • Make sure that the thermostat is working well & is set to set to lower than the actual room temperature. If not then try to turn off & on the thermostat which can help to turn it in good running condition.
  • Check the circuit breaker panel if the blower runs in a good state but the condenser does not run properly.
  • Sometimes outside fan does not work well, which can transfer improper airflow & overheat the compressor causing an internal damage to the compressor. So ensure outside unit is working well, if it is not working this indicates lack of power or even faulty thermostat.
Every brand system has its different parts so they may have different troubleshooting needs. However homeowners should check for all the necessary details to avoid complex faults.

Troubleshooting tips for High Efficiency Gas Furnaces

Before hiring any heating contractor try to work with these simple tips that can help avoid major repair or replacement of your heating device.

  • If there is no heat in the furnaces, check the electricity supply and make sure that the fuse is not burned.
  • In colder conditions, freezing of water can cause furnace major damage to your furnace making it inefficient to operate.
  • If the gas furnace size is too big for a house then it will waste energy. So selection of the correct size heating device according to your room space is convenient.
  • Do check the inlet & outlet pressure of the device. For this you can make use of a manometer & connect it to the pressure tap.
  • Always make sure that your thermostat is in the heat position.


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