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Air Conditioner Repair Services in Toronto
Assured quality Central Air Conditioner installation & Furnace repair service to deliver optimum energy efficiency.

Reliable Home Comfort is often thought of for the home comfort products we install at your house, but the foundation of our business was built on unmatched service know-how and a total commitment to customer satisfaction. We built our company on one simple fact.

"A satisfied customer is our best business strategy and greatest assets, because without happy customers there is no company."

Reliable Home Comfort offers expert service and fast repair for all makes of furnace, air conditioning, water heaters, fireplaces and indoor air quality products in Toronto & GTA cities. We are ready to service your needs 24 hours a day, 7 day a week, 365 days a year. Reliable Home Comfort technicians are just that "RELIABLE" and fully licensed and trained on a regular basis. We guarantee everything we do for you in writing.
To call: 905-450-0292, would be your worry-free decision, choose renowned Toronto heating and air conditioning contractor.

What does a "Free Service Call or Second Opinion" cover?
The technician come to your home and will diagnosing what's wrong with your Heating, cooling, fireplace, hot water system and provides you with an estimate for the repair (no charge). If your unit is repairable, we don't attempt to sell you a new unit - We repair it! If your unit needs to be replaced, we present you with options and allow you to make a choice - We don't do high-pressure sales pitches! We simply deliver quality service at the absolute lowest prices.
As the temperature drops in Toronto and the GTA, there will undoubtedly be many home owners who have a situation where their furnace from Goodman, Carrier etc brands can stops working. Being stranded with no heat in your home is not only very uncomfortable but can cause significant property damage if pipes freeze. We have full time service technicians with many years of experience serving home owners and are available 24/7 for your complete convenience. All of our technicians have a thorough understanding of all furnace brands, makes, and models.

Our courteous & respectful technicians work hard to make sure your house is comfortable and your furnace is running efficiently. If for whatever reason your furnace stops working, give us a call. Reliable Home Comfort is out to prove that we are the number 1 in service. We offer Protection Plan and our technicians have many years experience serving home owners just like you.
As summer set in and the temperature raise in Toronto and the GTA, there will undoubtedly be many home owners who have a situation where their air conditioner stops working. Being stranded with no air in your home is not only very uncomfortable but can cause significant damage to your love life. We have full time service technicians available 24/7 who are fully equipped with diagnostic tools & equipments to provide complete job satisfaction to customer. All of our technicians have a thorough understanding of all air conditioning brands, makes, and models such as Goodman, Rheem, Ducane, Keeprite, Lennox & many more.

Reliable Home Comfort technicians work all hours of the day and night to make sure your home is comfortable and your air conditioning system is running proficiently. If for whatever reason your air conditioning stops working, give us a call. We are out to prove that we are the number 1 in HVAC repair & install service. We offer Protection Plan and our technicians have many years experience serving Canada home owners.
Schedule our Tune-Up right now & SAVE up to 25% on your monthly energy costs.

Don't wait for your furnace or air conditioning to cough its last breath before giving it a Tune-up - by then you'll be begging for mercy. Meaning: you can save a lot of money and enjoy the peace of mind that you won't have to face unexpected breakdowns, all because of our Tune-up and maintenance expertise. In fact, routine furnace and AC maintenance is vital for efficient, worry-free heating and cooling.

FURNACE AND AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM CHECKS: We come to your home at a time convenient to you to perform a thorough clean and service check on your furnace or air conditioning system and detect any potential problems before they occur.

IMPROVE YOUR SYSTEMS RELIABILITY: By performing a regular tune-up on your heating or air conditioning system, it can operate at it's maximum efficiency at all times, ensuring you have reliable home comfort when you need it most.
LOWER RUNNING COSTS helps SAVE Dollars: With regular maintenance on your system, it will operate at its peak performing capacity and can continue operating to its maximum potential lifespan. Your system will also run more economically when it is in peak operating condition. Maintained systems can be up to 25% less expensive to run than an unmentioned system, saving you money.
Reliable Home Comfort, we repair all makes of traditional hot water heaters, gas water heaters, electric and solar water heaters as well as tankless systems. Our expert staff will fix, repair, replace or install all makes and models of water heater units. Reliable Home Comfort can install water heaters same day throughout the Toronto and the GTA. Reliable Home Comfort will access your needs and recommend the best solution for you hot water needs.
The different water heater options include:
  • Storage Tank Hot Water Heaters
  • Tank-Less Hot Water Heaters
  • Renewable Energy Hot Water Heaters
Deciding Between a Tankless or Standard Storage Tank Water Heater? We can help you Decide on the Best System for your home.
Reliable Home Comfort, you can always count on:
  • Same Day Service.
  • Professional Technicians.
  • Convenient Appointment Times.
  • A 10 year Warranty On All Installations.
  • Guaranteed upfront pricing.
  • Uniformed, courteous and very talented technicians.
  • We clean the work area as cleaner than we found it.
  • A large inventory of parts.
  • 100% guaranteed satisfaction with our work.
If you have Questions about Hot Water we got Answers call us today at 905-450-029.

We ensure the proper safety and high efficiency of your house appliance. Gas fireplaces should be maintained on a regular schedule, just like any other heating equipment.

Call Reliable Home Comfort to evaluate any problems and schedule a gas fireplace repair when your pilot will not stay lit or the flames will not ignite. Do not take chance that gas or carbon monoxide may be escaping in to the room. Routine maintenance will help prevent unwanted breakdowns and extend the life of your fireplace.

Home buyers often list a working fireplace as an item of interest when purchasing a home. The best time to have your fireplace serviced is in the fall, before the cold weather of winter arrives, or in the spring when the weather is warming up and you're finished using it for the season.

We will be happy to support you for fireplace installation service if you are selling your house or building & ensure you that its built-in safety features are working properly. Polishing the glass and cleaning the pilot will also enhance the appearance and value of your property. Our technicians will remedy problems with your blower motor or fans.

Call us: 905-450-0292, if you have any queries about a gas fireplace repair.
Gas Fireplace Safety & Maintenance Tips
First step is to regularly maintain your gas fireplace is the first step. Some other additional safety tips for you:
  • Keep children away from the fireplace. The glass can get very hot and may cause a burn if touched.
  • Always keep a fire extinguisher installed so that you are prepared in case of an emergency.
  • As mentioned above, routine maintenance is very important. Keep the pilot clean, and make sure the flames ignite quickly when you turn on the gas.
  • Your fireplace should be quiet and odor-free.
  • Make sure smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in your house or apartment are working properly. Check the batteries and replace them regularly.
Gas fireplace - An Eco-Friendly Heating machine
Gas fireplace is an energy-efficient, eco-friendly system available at an inexpensive price & is the most admired heating appliances today. It can be installed almost anywhere in the house and reduce your heating bills.

A modern fireplace is equipped with many new features like remote controllers, oxygen depletion sensors and thermostats to give you additional benefits while providing a warm and cozy atmosphere to your home.

We install, repair and perform maintenance on all Gas Fireplace Makes and Models including:

Reliable Home Comfort has been in the business of providing quality gas services in Toronto and the GTA for several years, and has earned a solid reputation.
For getting professional assistance in installing, testing, repairing, and relocating various types of Gas lines and appliances, Reliable Home Comfort is the right place to contact. No matter what type of gas appliances you use, we have all types of solutions available for you.
Households who install gas appliances have fewer callbacks for repairs. To enhance home comfort now we have more than ever before applications and choices.
Throughout your home, installing a Gas line can enhance your life
  • Today's high-efficiency natural furnaces feature technology that boosts efficiency to save money and improve comfort.
  • Gas water heaters deliver performance up to twice the hot water in the same amount of time as an electric water heater.
  • A Gas Dryer dries two loads of towels in the same time as one load in an electric dryer.
  • Patterned after professional models, today's Gas ranges offer even cooking, high-output burners, and super-low simmer temperatures.
  • For ease and relaxation, Gas Fire Places and logs, grills, refrigerators and outdoor lights are unparalleled.
  • Gas is the best choice for Pool and Space Heating and backup generation.
Indoors and out, gas does it all!

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