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Advancement and innovation in heating and cooling systems technology has increased the production of new energy efficient models that prove highly useful to consumers. Be it a refrigerator, Air Conditioner or any heating product, consumers purchase them by considering their advantage to reduce their utility bills.

Below we share few comfort tips which will help you gain maximum benefit from HVAC product and improve your home indoor air quality.

Make your HVAC System work at optimal capacity
  • Every couple of weeks check and clean Air Conditioner & Furnace filters. Dirty filters restrict air flow and waste energy so change them at least twice in the season.
  • Turn down your thermostat, this will lower your bills. Programmable thermostats work great to save energy. Use automatic thermostat which will automatically control the temperature according to your need.
  • Keep the outdoor area clean from plants dust and debris.
  • Keep the vent free from obstructions such as carpet and furniture which can obstruct the air flow.
  • Inspect fan motor and fan blades for any wear and damage. Repair or replace the compressor if found damaged.
  • Make sure the Chimney flues & fireplaces have tight fitting dampers which can be closed when fireplace is not in use.
  • Every year perform a home performance assessment or audit. This will help you to know more technical measures to save energy.
Improve house indoor air quality

Improper air flow can cause many health problems such as headaches, dizziness, nasal congestion and asthma. The most effective strategy for reducing indoor air pollution is to eliminate or reduce the sources of contaminants.

  • It is important to clean & vacuum your place regularly to avoid health issues. Keep your heating and air conditioning system well maintained and their ducts clean.
  • Mattress can be cleaned with vacuum cleaner and can be treated with an allergy-free spray.
  • Change the filters of your heating and Air Conditioning systems on regular basis. Keep away the dirty shoes & other outdoor materials away from your room as they simply track pollen and other outdoor allergens.
  • Install air purifier which helps in removing bacteria, odors, virus & other pollutants. Breathe safe & clean air.
  • Stop water leakage which can lead to mold growth. Clean mold with solution of bleach and hard water.

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