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Protect Your Home Equipments From Flood Water

Heavy rains causes floods and this can affects any home owner in Canada. Recent floodwater affected many homeowners across Ontario as they had to deal power outage & basement flooding. Among various serious problems, home appliances become the most concerned issue for homeowners. Significant damage on three of the home’s equipment can be seen easily including water heaters, furnaces and air conditioners.

Here are some of the tips, how to keep these equipment secure and safe from floodwater are:

Water heating system: No matter the water heater was running with gas, oil or electricity if it comes in contact with flood water you must replace it. Even it the water heater was more than 5years old then it is the right time to get it change as the new water heater system will be most efficient.  In gas and oil units, valves and controls get corrode on the other hand in electric appliance the thermostat and controls can corrode. In all these equipments the insulation surrounding the unit will be significantly contaminated. If water heater components have been cleaned the unit seems to operate properly and parts may corrode in future.

Furnace System: To clear the doubt whether flood water has reached a gas or oil furnace, air conditioner or water heater you must consult to the qualified contractor or professional. Don’t turn on the equipment until a professional technician assures you that it is in working condition or not. The valves and controls of the equipment are vulnerable to water damage from floods, damage that may not be visible.  You can get in trouble with minimum damage like reliability problems.

Air Conditioning Systems: During flood, the flood water can reach inside the equipment if flood water has repositioned either the indoor or outdoor units of a split system even by a small amount, then there is a potential for refrigerant leaks. The system will then require major repair or full replacement. Consult the professional or technician to get an advice before going for repairing task.

These precautions will help you to keep your home equipments secure from floodwater.