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Keep Significant Factors in Mind to Make Best Air Conditioner System Selection

The brand of air conditioners manufacture a wide range of different kinds of AC’s that meets the need of diverse class of people. Air conditioner in today’s time has become the neediest thing of summers and most of us can’t even live without it. As a result, it is used in houses, offices, gyms, vehicles, complexes, malls, hospitals, cinema hall, restaurants etc. Each of these places requires different types of ACs depending on the area and purpose. Thus, the brand produces diverse kinds of sizes in AC’s to meet the need of the customers and bring best cooling experience.
Depending on various factors people can select the appropriate AC for them and some of the things that needed to keep in mind are as follows:

  • Insulation level
  • Square feet
  • Heat gain during the sunny time
  • Number of bedrooms
  • Direction of the property

Big AC

When it comes to select the AC then big size system is not good. It quickly cools the air of the home but it doesn’t dehumidify the air. It happens because the air get cools quickly but doesn’t have enough time to remove the humidity. It even runs on short cycles because it cools the air quickly.

Small AC

The small size AC is inadequate in cooling the air of the home as a result it keeps running constantly to obtain the right cooling or temperature in the room. Due to this the system gets stressed with its parts and components and soon it becomes inadequate in performing well.
Thus, it is important to keep all factors in mind while making the AC selection for your home. Getting an appropriate AC for desirable place will be beneficial if buyer calculate each factor.


Reasons to replace HVAC system before scorching summer’s arrival

To beat the heat of summer in Toronto and Mississauga, the best way is to get your air conditioner serviced properly. Keeping the home temperature cool and comfortable is important for people. So, before the arrival of scorching summers it is necessary for people to go for a homework i.e. to examine whether the air conditioner is appropriate or not? Is it in working condition or not? If it is not in working condition then find out is it the time to go for a new air conditioner installation? Each of these exercises will help people to understand that what would be appropriate for them to beat the heat properly.  If you are facing difficulty in finding whether you are really in a need to buy new air conditioner installation then, have a look on below mentioned signs:

Frequent breakdowns:  Frequent breakdowns of your HVAC system is one of the signs where you must think over to replace the system with brand new air conditioner.  The frequent breakdowns should be considered that the system is no longer in a condition to work anymore. In other simple words it is not capable to perform a good job.  So, get a new air conditioner for your home.

Temperature: If the HVAC system is not cooling the room or not reducing the temperature then, it is necessary to get it changed as it is no more capable to perform properly.

Inefficient while Operating: While running the air conditioner, if the operations are inefficient as it can then its huge impact will lie upon your finance. It even proves that the high level of efficiency is not left with the system and now it’s time to install a new system at your home.

Each of these signs is enough to judge or calculate whether the system is working properly or not.


Get Reliable AC Seasonal servicing assistance in Toronto

Getting prepared to escape from scorching summer is really very troublesome for some people as it comprises with numbers of tasks. Among various tasks, Air Conditioner’s servicing and upgrade is just like nightmare for people. AC servicing consumes lot of time hence it is necessary for people to get it serviced before summer arrives. The servicing just before summer arrival gives the best cooling experience along with the freshness. It keeps the hottest atmosphere cool and gives pleasing experience to people. To get it serviced people need not to take stress as the renowned and experienced companies are located in Toronto. People can consult the experienced and knowledgeable repairman to get the right servicing. AC servicing enhances the functioning of equipment which makes it to run efficiently and gives pleasant experience to customers. Accurate servicing of an air conditioner increases its lifespan and will be perfect for entire summers.

Professionals working in service centers have enough experience to repair the Air Conditioner by using different tools and equipments. The technicians uses high pressure vacuum to clear the drain. The professionals use precautions while cleaning the coils of the unit which makes it perfect to perform. Experts even use spray – the commercial air-conditioner cleaner onto the coils. It breakdowns very rarely as it become efficient enough to run for hours. The improved system reliability makes the AC perfect. The expert technicians have a proper procedure according to which they repair, service and maintain its working efficiency which enables people to stay away from hot summer.

Advantages of Servicing are as follows:

  • Reduced repair costs
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Increases life expectancy of the unit
  • Consistent home comfort
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Keeps environment fresh and cool

People can easily get the assistance of AC servicing from the reputed and experienced service centre located in Toronto. So, don’t waste your time as summer is just around the corner. Hurry to get the right assistance as per your own choice. The dedicated technicians and professionals will surely cater you efficient and satisfactory services which enable people to beat the heat and stay fresh in scorching summers.


Furnace Inspection: Get it done before winter arrives

Winter is around the corner and everybody needs to turn on their furnace when it actually arrives. To cope up from chilly winter people need to keep their furnace accurate for proper functioning and get relief from cool atmosphere. People must go for annual check-up as yearly inspection is required for the furnace to run it properly. Everyone knows without regular inspection or annual check-up the furnace can’t work properly. Therefore, you must take out time from your busy schedule to keep your furnace perfect for your winters.

People who can’t check their furnace system by themselves, they can find the reputed furnace repair companies to get it serviced perfectly. There are several companies are located in Brampton to give assistance to their customers. These companies have experienced professional technicians with immense knowledge in this technical industry. These technicians do proper care of equipments and make sure to handover to client in properly working condition.

Technical Furnace Inspection – A furnace check-up consists of the following steps:

  • Inspect the overall condition of the furnace
  • Check thermostat for proper operation
  • Inspect filter and change or clean as per requirement
  • Do a complete check on all electrical components and controls.
  • Oil motors as needed.
  • Inspect heat exchanger for possible cracks.
  • Check air flow. It should be there for cleaning the evaporator coil.
  • Check air fuel mixture, wherever necessary
  • Test for leaks
  • Test the gas pressure
  • Inspect valves and pumps

Professionals make sure to keep check on all these important level and come up with accurate serviced furnace system for you and your family. Professionals as per their experience do it accurately and provide your furnace in properly working condition which you may not able to do so, it will be better and perfect for you to handover your furnace to service centre and get it done perfectly. Many reliable companies are available in market offering perfect solution to your furnace equipment. So, don’t get late just make a call and leave all worries on them.


Protect Your Home Equipments From Flood Water

Heavy rains causes floods and this can affects any home owner in Canada. Recent floodwater affected many homeowners across Ontario as they had to deal power outage & basement flooding. Among various serious problems, home appliances become the most concerned issue for homeowners. Significant damage on three of the home’s equipment can be seen easily including water heaters, furnaces and air conditioners.

Here are some of the tips, how to keep these equipment secure and safe from floodwater are:

Water heating system: No matter the water heater was running with gas, oil or electricity if it comes in contact with flood water you must replace it. Even it the water heater was more than 5years old then it is the right time to get it change as the new water heater system will be most efficient.  In gas and oil units, valves and controls get corrode on the other hand in electric appliance the thermostat and controls can corrode. In all these equipments the insulation surrounding the unit will be significantly contaminated. If water heater components have been cleaned the unit seems to operate properly and parts may corrode in future.

Furnace System: To clear the doubt whether flood water has reached a gas or oil furnace, air conditioner or water heater you must consult to the qualified contractor or professional. Don’t turn on the equipment until a professional technician assures you that it is in working condition or not. The valves and controls of the equipment are vulnerable to water damage from floods, damage that may not be visible.  You can get in trouble with minimum damage like reliability problems.

Air Conditioning Systems: During flood, the flood water can reach inside the equipment if flood water has repositioned either the indoor or outdoor units of a split system even by a small amount, then there is a potential for refrigerant leaks. The system will then require major repair or full replacement. Consult the professional or technician to get an advice before going for repairing task.

These precautions will help you to keep your home equipments secure from floodwater.


Repair Air Conditioner To Keep Senior’s Health Safe

Do you have seniors at your home? If yes then get ready to fight the high temperature summer as it is very risky for seniors. Their bodies do not adjust as easily to sudden changes in temperatures.  As most of the seniors have health problems like heart, lung, and kidney disease so, there is high risk because of which their health may get ruined. To keep them safe from high temperature you may start focusing on their proper diet, medicines, clothing, doctor visits etc. Although all these things are essential for their health but, the most important need on which you must focus is their living area, air conditioner and its maintenance. If you don’t have air conditioner then get ready to install it or if you already have it then ask the repairman for its servicing as it is important for them.

To keep the senior’s health safe, you can get your air conditioner repaired by the help of renowned repair company. The air conditioner keeps the room temperature cool and makes it bearable to spend their entire summers comfortably. On the other hand it also keeps them healthy throughout the summers.  In fact, it has seen that air conditioner is the best and protective factor against the health related issues and diseases during extreme summers. Make your air conditioner a priority for you and make sure it works perfectly in such a way that it easily beat the heat of summers. Here are some basic tips to help ensure the a/c is in good working order.

  • Listen for any rattling, or vibration that might indicate a problem

                 Window units often shake or rattle older windows.


  • When the system turns on, did the lights dim? This could be a sign the system is struggling and needs to have service.

  • Keep a check on your air condition’s cooling.

  • Make sure the filters are clean.

  • To keep the unit working properly, the outdoor unit such as coils free of debris, grass clippings, etc should be cleaned yearly.

If you notice any of these problems then you must call to the renowned service company for its servicing and keep your health safe.


Why Commercial Air Conditioner Cleaning Service is Important?

With the developing technology, it has become an essential belonging for commercial, industrial and residential areas as it keeps our environment cool and healthy. Most of us love to spend our entire day in the cool ambiance and passes the day enjoyably but, when it comes to keep it maintain it demands proper servicing especially if it is installed at commercial building. Commercial air conditioners require more maintenance as even a small adjustment is not good at commercial place. Well-maintained commercial conditioner keeps the workplace lively and cozier in comparison to residential. Some of the reasons are as follows:

Energy impact:

 At commercial place the air conditioner work for long hours every day and found as durable at the end of the year. Despite of working for long hours these systems however face many problems such as vibrations, unexpected debris, power surges that sometimes damage the parts of equipments. These are some of the issues which multiply the energy consumption which turns the consumed units into hefty bills. Regular maintenance will ensure a proper functional equipment and small amount of bill.

Dirt and Debris

The frequent opening of doors and traffic at commercial place is more in comparison to residential area therefore, the chances of dirt and debris accumulating in and around the equipment is higher. The filter part of the system eradicates little percentage of debris but not everything. The layer of dirt blocks the system and cause malfunction over time. Regular maintenance keeps the equipment perfect on daily basis.

Employee & Customer satisfaction: A big concern


Can an equipment keeps people satisfy? The response will be yes, when it comes to air conditioner. The commercial air conditioner keeps the employee and customers happy throughout the working hour and engages them with the task efficiently. The temperature can be quickly changed according to the number of people in the room. Frequent maintenance will ensure no breakdown during the working hours. AC breakdown during the working hours automatically the impact the productivity of the workers. Your customers would not like to walk into your store on a hot summer day if your AC is not working.

Avoid Future Repairs

Timely maintenance for commercial air conditioner is must as it keeps you stay away from the expensive repairs as on every service, minor to major issues are resolved to keep it in running condition.

You must keep all these points in mind to avoid a breakdown and keep the air conditioner perfect throughout the summer season.



Is your AC capable to beat hot summer heat?

Summer is on corner along with the longer days and hot atmosphere. Everyone loves to take a swim in the pool, lounge around in the shade or just to stay cool in hot summers. Among all these activities, air conditioners are just necessary of survival to fight from the hot summer. To beat the hot summers, one need to cross check if their AC capable to beat hot summer heat? Apart from its capability, people also need to get it serviced before summer comes on your head.


To stay relaxed and cool in summers, people need to have a look on the condition of their air conditioner. One should monitor the filter on the regular basis for perfect regulation. Leakage in air conditioner is another cause that may lead to damage A/C components and reduce the efficiency. Therefore, people must have a look on the leakage points to avoid the problem.

Tips to keep maintaining your AC

  • Have your unit checked each year
  • Up to 5% efficiency loss if unit is not maintained
  • Inspection checks coils, capacitors, compressor & refrigerant
  • Air filter should be cleaned before its use.

Reliable home comfort is really very trustworthy for all kind of AC assistance, whether servicing or repairing. Thus, people can get their AC’s serviced by the assistance of reliable home comfort. During servicing, all minor faults will get repair perfectly and your AC will become capable to beat hot summer heat. One can trust on this service provider to make your air conditioner perfect for entire summer. The affordable price of the service will surely make your air conditioner best to beat the heat of hot summer.




Beat the heat of summers by AC servicing with Reliable Home Comfort

One of the big changes that people love during summers is the use of Air Conditioners. To beat the heat of summers, people use air conditioners which give a big relief to the user. People who have to buy air conditioners don’t have to take the stress about its installation as it will automatically get done by company people. But, people who are planning to get their AC serviced can go for Reliable Home Comfort Company as it is a renowned organization for the heating and cooling services.

Last year, one of my friends suggested me to ask this company for the repairing of my commercial as well as residential AC’s. I asked the concern person for the repairing of AC’s and soon I got the assistance. Thus, with the arrival of this summer the very first name that strike in my mind for the servicing of AC’s is Reliable Home Comfort Company. The perfect assistance and good experience with this Company compel me to get the proper inspection of AC’s this time as well.

Check thermostat settings: Inspect the cooling and heating system of thermostat to ensure the proper working condition of your AC and save energy if you are away.

Inspect the condition of drainage settings: Check the drainage setting in the central air conditioner. Indoor humidity can get affected due to plugged water cause damage. One can also check the furnace or heat pump during cooling mode.

Clean evaporator and condenser air conditioning coils: The ability to cool the room and particular area get reduced due to dirty coils. The system no longer runs properly due to dirty coils, so clean the evaporator.

Tighten all electrical connections: Unfit electrical connections can cause unsafe operation or can lessen the life of system components. Check the voltage and current on motors.

The professionals cross check all these important settings of the AC to give proper maintenance service before its installation. The procedure of servicing doesn’t take much time, so take the assistance of Reliable Home Comfort to stay away from the hot and humid temperature. To take the assistance people can easily make a call to Reliable Home Comfort Company or drop an email. The service gets easily done at reasonable price.


Service Your Air Conditioner for Summer Comfort

Whether it is your home or office, a cool environment provides you comfort. The air conditioners are designed to withstand and run continuously for hours, however, it is important to perform regular maintenance of your air conditioners. As any other engineered equipment they also need regular tuning-up to run properly. Without regular maintenance your AC will not sustain its original efficiency. A properly serviced AC can do a better job of dehumidifying your home. Therefore, get your air conditioner service done  time to time for smooth running.

AC provides a cleaner and healthier environment as it is meant to  filter dirt and dust molecules, remove moisture and replace the stale air with fresh air. Performing the regular service from a qualified AC maintenance company will offer a prolonged life span to the AC unit. If a regular service is not performed, it would lose about 6% of its real efficiency every year and on the other hand regular tune-ups maintain about 95% of their real efficiency.

AC’s heavily run during summer time, having it well maintained will give its best performance. A proper check-up should be performed which includes, compressor air draw, cleaning of condensing coils unit and fan motor oiling. Also check that the belt is well adjusted, the temperature and pressure is properly maintained. Maintaining it regularly can save your monthly electricity bills and this also reduce repair cost. Many servicing companies offers special prices for annual service programs that ensure that cooling and heating system works well in all season.

Other important things to look out are bushes and other materials should be kept away from your air conditioner unit outside. The most important thing to check is the coolant level. If your AC is not as per the level this means there might be a problem with your heating and cooling system. This means you might need your system unit repaired.

Buying a new air conditioner can be expensive; therefore it is important to perform regular check-up to keep your conditioner working for longer period of time. Search for repair and servicing company which can provide you best possible service in an economical price.